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​2-Year Old Preschool Class

Our 2-year old class focuses on fostering positive social-emotional development. Teachers in this class model positive social and emotional interactions with peers and adults. At the age of two, children begin to test limits and deal with frustrations and tantrums. In this class, your child will begin to learn how to use different techniques to express and handle their emotions.

In addition, our two year olds are encouraged to explore language and thinking skills during daily routines.  Your child will also get the confidence it takes to develop self-help skills such as potty training, assisting teachers in preparing meals and activities,  and cleaning up after themselves that will promote independence.  In this class, children will be age-appropriately introduced to letters, colors and counting, science, and much more!


​3-Year Old Preschool Class

The Chalkboard's 3-year old class is one of enrichment. Children are immersed in a world of language, numbers, literacy and science! Our three's class teaches the fundamentals that your child needs for school in an innovative and exciting way. Teachers of the three's class will focus time on more social-emotional development such as positive peer and adult interaction and being able to express oneself. Children in this class will be given responsibilites throughout the classroom to encourage independent behavior.

Transitional Kindergarten Class

In our transitional class, teachers will ensure that your child is ready for kindergarten. This class will reinforce the fundamentals of education that your child has learned in earlier classes as well as learning new material for school based on individualized lessons tailored to their needs. Children will explore numbers and counting, letter names and sounds, name spelling, writing and recognition, fine motor skills, vocabulary, science and observation, social skills and other necessary material to be ready for kindergarten. Our goal is to have each child go to kindergarten with an above average skill set to ensure that they will excel in school. 

Each class will have the following age-appropriate activities incorporated into their classroom curriculum:

  • ​Cooking 

  • Science and Exploration

  • Reading/Literacy

  • Gardening

  • Art

  • Organized Outdoor Play/Gross Motor

  • Language 

  • Self-Help Skills

  • Music

  • Conscious Discipline 

  • Dramatic Play

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