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About Us


The Chalkboard Preschool

...amazing things happen here.


The Chalkboard's environment is one of inquisition and discovery. Our school is committed to a culture of safe, positive, and child-directed learning. The Chalkboard's curriculum is The Creative Curriculum, based on play experiences and hands-on discovery that fosters every child's physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language development.  


The Chalkboard believes in creating an innovative and individual plan for each child's education that will reinforce their strengths and engage them in learning that will encourage confidence in exploring new ideas. The Chalkboard works diligently to tailor activities that include children of all developmental stages and those who need special accommodations. 


The Chalkboard prides itself on being able to provide families with a private school education at a practical price. Our school provides quality education and care, not only to our children, but to their families, as well! Parent education in the form of workshops and information as well as community resources and referrals are also available to our families.


We provide both indoor and outdoor classroom experiences for your child. We use a wide array of age-appropriate activities and encourage child-directed experiences for each child to fully explore the world around them. Alongside our conventional curriculum, are non-traditional opportunities for your child to discover and absorb language, math, science and other developmental skills through activities such as cooking, gardening, foreign languages and much more!


There's nothing better than a child that looks forward to going to school and learning everyday! The Chalkboard will provide the environment that will keep your child engaged and wanting to learn more and more everyday! In addition, we have committed ourselves to professionalism, excellent service and safety for you as a parent to be completely confident in your decision to choose The Chalkboard Preschool for your child and your family!

"[We] both felt the love and care in your have been an answered prayer to our family."


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